Wooden Toy Shotgun

For around five bucks you can make a little toy shotgun that looks very realistic

Step 1:

First thing is to get a 2x6 board pick the model of the gun you want print it what ever size you want

Step 2:

After you get it cut out start sanding start from the stock and move up

Step 3:

Then stain the stock and the pump

Step 4:

Paint the barrel black for it I used a dowel

Step 5:

And finally glue the barrel on



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3 Discussions


4 years ago on Introduction

I would suggest you paint the tip of the barrel orange to indicate it is a toy.

Uncle Kudzu

4 years ago on Introduction

That's cool and realistic, but be careful where you play with it. If it looks real to other people, you might run into trouble. Just sayin'.


4 years ago on Introduction

Nice work! I made a little wooden gun that looked a lot like this when I was a kid. This is a great project for new woodworkers. Thanks!