Wooden Track System

I actually created this for another project but found several uses for it. For example, you can attach a motor under it and turn it into a salt spreader or use it as personal slave to carry around tools and items. To customize, you can use plexiglass for frames to actually see the motion of the wheels and LEDs for a special effect

I started by making its blueprints and figuring out it's measurements. 

1. Wood
2. Machinery (Jig Saw, Band Saw, Drill)
3. PVC pipes for spacers
4. Windshield Wiper motors for driving
5. Hitec 180 Degree servos
6. Aluminum bars
7. Timing belts from a lexus
8. 18v electric hand drill battery  (for power)

I use EZ-Robot Bluetooth controller to control servos wirelessly but you can use any servo receiver. The controller image shows how I assigned ports and the image after that shows the control buttons. The first command moves the servo to the given position and second command moves the servo back to another position. For example, the track servo is at 35* (stable) when you press the button, it moves to 70* (left) and when you stop pressing the button, it moves to 35*. 

A + X = forward, B + Y = reverse, X + Y = left, A + B = right

p.s. I will soon post a video of the track system in action

realistic video of the track

sorry that you have to see such hideous paint job (it wasn't me who painted it)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    you should put EL Wire on it to make it look even more awesome


    6 years ago on Introduction

    found the other two threads that relate to this, you did a great job on all three


    6 years ago on Introduction

    this would make a great father and son project


    6 years ago on Introduction

    the squirrels in the park better watch out

    I love this. I think the sides should be transparent so you can see the track in motion. Great work!