Wooden Trailhead Sign

Introduction: Wooden Trailhead Sign

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I created my very own wooden trailhead sign! This could look great as a prop around cabins, restaurants, or even wedding venues! Follow along to see how I created this!

Step 1: Prepping the Wood

I bought a sheet of 12x24 inch 3mm birch plywood from Micheal's for very cheap. I wanted to make a collection of smaller trailhead signs, so using a miter saw I cut the large piece into 6 6x8inch smaller sheets. I then sanded the smaller 6x8inch piece of wood using fine grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Create Stencil With Cricut

The next step was to design a stencil in the Cricut Maker software. I made a custom Tree vector in illustrator and imported it into the Cricut software as a SVG file. I then added the text, and a cut line along the edge. I cut out the design on my Cricut Maker using the Cricut Vinyl Stencil material. Then, I carefully applied the stencil over the 6x8inch piece of birch plywood.

Step 3: Paint and Stain Wood

Using an outdoor dark brown acrylic paint, I carefully painted the stencil in on the wood. After letting it dry for a few hours, I removed the stencil cutout! To finish the piece off, I added a Polystain Polycrylic/Stain to give it a very nice wood finish with a slight glossy look!

Step 4: Enjoy!

This trailhead sign turned out awesome! I will experiment with different designs and stains to get different looks and make a cool little trailhead sign collection!

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