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Introduction: Wooden Trellis for Nosy Neighbors

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Having nosy and picky neighbors is sometimes very annoying. There is a wall in the backyard that provides the minimum of privacy. I have tried to cover it somehow by planting high plants without success. So I have decided to make a trellis since that I have some experience on the subject from a previous project and I can make it much more cheaper than these I've seen in the local market. The cost of it: 40 €!

Step 1: Building

2 x 4m long, 4x5cm white wood pieces.
30x 4m long friezes .
At first I have build a simple frame 2,40m long x 1,20 high. Then I have pass it with 2 layers of wood coating . After drying I nailed on it the thin friezes which have been coated as well on the inside.

Step 2: Installing

At first I have stabilized it with clamps, then I leveled it ,drilled in the wall and I screwed it on. Detail: before I put it on, on the back side of the structure I have nailed in some points rubber pads in order the air to circulate easier between the wall and the trellis , to dry faster after a rain plus when it's windy to avoid noise and to provide some elasticity.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice but hard work building trellis, you start to see why it is so expensive