Wooden Viking Bearded Axe





Introduction: Wooden Viking Bearded Axe

Since my audience wanted me to make an bearded Viking axe I decided to make one and here it is.

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Step 1: Axe Shape

Draw your design and cut it out with jigsaw

Step 2: Glue Time

Glue to get more thickness around the axe eye socket

Step 3: Clean and Drill

Cut out the excess wood with coping saw

Drill out the eye socket

Step 4: Forging

Remove waste wood to get axe shape you want

Make a bevel on the edge and don't cut yourself on it (like me)

Give it some texture with a hammer

Step 5: Paint (the Most Critical Part)

First seal it with sealer (In my case it's nitro lacquer)

Apply 2 or 3 coats of silver spray

When dry apply the black spray from distance

after all this steps your axe will look like cast iron :/ but to make it aged/epic

use a trick which I accidentally found out:

Apply paint thinner on piece of cloth and rub it on to get aged look

PS just don't overdo it but if you do you can apply more silver and black spray and repeat the process

Step 6: Handle

Plane it to fit the eye socket on your axe head

Cut out the wedge slot

Stain it to match aged look of axe head

Step 7: Fitting

Hammer on the axe on handle and insert the wedge

Step 8: An Epic Looking Axe

Finished axe

Please if you have some questions write me a comment down below or send me a message me via Instagram

I am happy to help anytime... sometimes I even sleep :p

Please be sure to watch the video and give me your opinion :)



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    15 Discussions

    whats the dimension of the board you used for your project?

    isn't functional you lost the meaning!. Its live scale model of weapons

    I cut myself on it accidentaly while sharpening it, be sure to watch the video :)


    1 year ago

    epic awesomeness of model tools and weapons of an historic era and region. Voted and God speed for winning!!!

    1 reply

    Thank you for kind (Epic) words bro :D
    Have a nice day


    1 year ago

    Awesome shield in the background. Nice paint job

    1 reply

    Thank you bro, I made a video for it, check it out :)

    Man ! You got me on this one ! I was pretty sure it was a steel axe !

    Great job !

    1 reply

    Ha! yeah even my friends asked me why did I bought F*!?$%& axe haahah

    Thank you for kind words :)