Wooden Wedding Sign

Introduction: Wooden Wedding Sign

So simple and easy, took less than 3hrs and most of

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Step 1: Set Up and Do!

Pick your wood, paint, stencils, sandpaper block and poly. I try to make my gifts match the people so that is why we went with the fish but obviously you can do or write whatever your want. I love getting sample colors from Home Depot so I can use them over and over on little projects and the paint lasts a long time. I used regular paper stencils I had from Dollar Store and a sponge bursh cuz for me that has been the easiest way to control the paint and not make a big blot. Sometimes I cut the sponge brush to angle it if I know I have tricky corners.

1. I sand my wood first (just a lil preference tip; I like the sandblocks for uneven wood as opposed to my electric sander, I can really get in the grooves) 2. Paint main color, dry 3. Paint a secondary color, dry

4.Stencil then once completely dry, sand to give a worn look and do a light covering of poly (if you have read any of my previous posts you will know I love my poly!) and there you have a unique and special gift. Hope you enjoy this super easy and simple DIY!

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