Wooden Wine Holder

Introduction: Wooden Wine Holder

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Hello!! this is a simply to build wine holder, using just pine table and a few paint.

You can build it in a few time. The more is to wait for the paint to dry.

The build is very simply, but the main goal is to produce a brushed finish, to give it an antique and raw effect.

I'll make no steps as it is very simple build.

Just use a steel brush to make veins came out from the wood.

A 42x30 cm table is enough to keep a couple of bottles. I made two to give some simmetry to the room, as I have a paint in the middle.

Once you have evident veins use a bit of sandpaper to make everyting softener. Then, just use a bit of paint. I lilke this effect made from antique nutshell paint. The brackets are very simply, with 45 degree cuts, and a center hole just enough to put a wine bottle into.

I user a couple of screws and vinyl glue to fix the supports to the table.

I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Step 1:

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