Wooden Wine Rack

Introduction: Wooden Wine Rack

About: Whilst woodworking I make and produce woodworking videos, podcasts and blog articles for your entertainment. I also look after three lively children when not making sawdust here in Devon.

From original blog post http://www.thewooddaddy.co.uk/2017/wo...I’ve never made a wooden wine rack before and I haven’t tried segmenting before either, so this build was pretty fun for me.I am not sure if I have seen a wine rack like this before. I just wanted it to hold six bottle, wine or whiskey, it doesn’t matter, and to have space to keep a couple of glasses too.

I release my videos on a Friday at 5pm GMT / 1pm EST. I am aiming at getting a project video out every other week, with a vlog of progress in between i.e. Project video, Vlog, Project video, Vlog and so on….. Please let me know what you think about this Project in the comments below


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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    A well done project,
    most unusual too. If I’m not mistaken, this is your first post and
    if so, I’d like to offer the following tip:

    The Instructables
    environment has the feature of "Steps", which allows an
    author the ability to illustrate and explain the project in finer
    detail than can be done in a time constrained video- only
    presentation. Getting a coveted “Featured” designation is a
    desirable thing to reach the widest audience here, and so a
    utilization of the “Steps” process is a fundamental component of
    the judgment criteria to award the designation.

    Once again, that is a
    unique result you have there, and hope to see more. ☺

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice. Depending on the bottles that you have, this might look really nice set up in a window. That way the light could shine through it.