Wooden Workshop Shed

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I built this shed three years ago. I use it for welding and painting.

Step 1: Materials

The wood comes from the remains of building a house.

The only new things were nails, 2mm wire, 3mm wire and polyethylene film.

Step 2: Big Frame Construction

The beam length is 7m and columns have 3m high.

Step 3: Lifting Big Frame

You should remember that I lifted her alone and therefore took longer.

Step 4: Small Frame Construction

The beam length is 7m and columns have 2.2m high.

Step 5: Lifting Small Frame

It went a little faster because I was more experienced.

Step 6: Installing the Rafters

Rafters are made of boards 2.5 cm thick and 15 cm wide.

They have 6m length and installed at 1 m distance.

Step 7: 2 Mm Wire

2mm wire placed at 25 cm distance.

Step 8: Mounting Polyethylene Film

I used UV resistant polyethylene. Over it I put 3mm wire to help it withstand the wind.

Step 9: Using It

I used it until spring 2014 when I moved into the back garden to be used as greenhouse.

But that is another story.

Step 10:



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I need to make me a smaller sized one :) My husband doesnt like me painting in the garages. And I dont like the dirt that gets stuck to my stuff when I paint outside. This would be perfect and have multiple uses. Lots of Light and fresh air coming through. Its simple I like it.

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