Wooden World Map Zebra




Introduction: Wooden World Map Zebra

We make the world map of different breeds of a tree. The size of our world map will be 1174 mm * 740 mm.

It will be executed from 9 breeds of a tree. Beech, larch, ash-tree, oak, nut, padauk, wenge, iroko and sapel. Wood thickness the 16mm-25mm.

I wanted to make the world map of horizontal strips. Strips on acrylic glass 5 mm thick will be fixed by ordinary self-tapping screws.

Step 1: Drawing.

We draw in a size the world map in the Corel Draw program.

Step 2: Choooose Treeee.

Now we choose the necessary breed of a tree, we pack on it strips and we cut out preparations.

We cut out on the CNC machine.

We cover each strip with wax for a tree.

Step 3: Acryl 5mm

We cut out a basis for the world map from acrylic glass of 5 mm. We mill openings for self-tapping screws. We do them conical that the self-tapping screw didn't stick out outside.

Step 4: Assembly

Now it is necessary to fasten each stripe to an acrylic basis. We print the sketch and we collect consistently.

Step 5: Installation of a Product

We remove a protective film from a reverse side of acrylic glass.

We drill openings in a wall and we twist self-tapping screws. We mount on a wall.

Step 6: Finish.

We look and admire.

Step 7: That`s All



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16 Discussions

Wow this is so cool!!

Nice job! Your pictures are very well lit.

Isn't it fun when your country takes up such a huge amount of the map? :)

1 reply

Thanks. Actually there is no limit to perfection.

Thanks. In production some more interesting products.

Wow...that is really awesome...so beaautiful...and precise. Great job! I really love the different wood layers.

1 reply

Thanks to the nature of our planet.

This is just beautiful! Where is it displayed? Your home or a public place?

1 reply

This space of our small little shop in Moscow.