Wooden Egg With Beads





Introduction: Wooden Egg With Beads

About: Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer from Transylvania. My main hobbies are electronics, playing the guitar,riding bike, fishing, woodworking and crafting all kind of things.

This is how it's made,a wooden egg with beads glued on.

Step 1: Materials

Wooden egg
Pencil and eraser
Hobby glue (little bit stronger than regular wood glue)
Seed beads - various color

Step 2: How It's Made

First we trace with a pencil the patterns of the design.
After that we put some glue in that area where we start or where we want to work.
With the help of the needle we pickup the beads,and carefully we put on the trace,following the pattern.

Step 3: It Is Complete

The wooden egg whit beads is complete



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    9 Discussions

    Beautiful, and made by someone with the patience of a saint!! Did you by any chance keep track of the amount of time required?

    1 reply

    How well do you think this would work if you used Perler beads and then melted them?

    1 reply

    Yes I think it can be used,but the tricky part is to get it on the wooden egg,because the oval shape . I never tried that,but you got an interesting idea.

    Thank you! Actually it was done by my fiancee,I was only the cameraman and the editor.She's got a lot of patience.I done some eggs whit decoupage technique,I will make a instructables about that. Thank you for your feedback !