Wooden Flower Cross With Scroll Saw

It all starts out by choosing a nice pattern. Found this one by searching Google.

Step 1: Glue to Work Piece

After printing out your pattern, spray the back of the image with spray adhesive. I use 3m but others will work too. Press it onto your work piece.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Begin Cutting Out.

I use a small wood bit to make entry holes for my scroll saw. Make as many holes as you need.

Step 3: Work From the Centre Outwards.

I always try to work from the Centre outwards as its pretty delicate.

Step 4: Remove Pattern

After your all done cutting out the pattern, start removing the left over pattern. It can be difficult. I sometimes run my piece under hot water to help the glue release more easier.

Step 5: Completed Piece

With all the pattern removed you get to see the final piece. I'll leave it dry for a few days then clean up a few edges left from the scroll saw. Apply a nice dark stain then a few coats of polyurethane for a nice shine and protection.

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    8 months ago

    Easier pattern-removal method:

    Cover the entire piece of wood with blue painter's tape FIRST. Overlap the strips if you're not stacking layers of wood. I apply the tape in the same direction as the grain, makes it easier to remember which way the grain runs if I get called away on a honey-doo. Once the wood is covered, spray the back of the pattern (3M's Super77 works really well) and apply it to the tape. After drilling and cutting, the tape peels up with very little residue or need for heatguns or hot water to loosen the glue. The pattern comes up with the tape. Any glue residue is removed when you sand the project.

    Nice pattern, BTW!


    4 years ago

    Nice! Have you considered burning the pattern in where it's to small to cut?Then a medium stain/poly. I'm another scroller.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    actually, yes. like the smaller leafs. always nice to meet another stroller :)