Wooden Hand Mirror

Introduction: Wooden Hand Mirror

Come on holiday in South Korea.

I made a gift to the cousin's daughter. It is a wooden hand mirror.

I think she'd love it.

Creation is easy.

Preparation materials

Wood plate - I have a 19 mm plates.

Acrylic mirror - before I bought as a sample.


CNC - wood processing

Sandpaper-wood trim, trim the acrylic mirror


AutoCAD - drawings

Mastercam - drawing conversion G-code

Mach3 - cnc control

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Step 1: AutoCAD

Create drawings using AutoCAD.

For 2D drawing, you can draw the thinking part of the quarried.

The two squares by using the command line.

The edges of the rectangle using the fillet command smooth.

For more information, see the video.

Step 2: Mastercam

Using Master Cam

Autocad files is converted into G-code. Pocket, configuration command was used.

When you use a pocket command, be careful in depth to be machined.

For more information, see the video

Step 3: Mach3 and CNC Machining

Mach 3 is used to process wood plates.

First of all, clamping the wood plate on the machine.

Open the file in the program.

The end mill is located at the origin of the plate.

Press the start button to activate the machine.

For more information, see the video.

Step 4: Assembly (sanding)

Insert mirror at the pocket of wood

And, hard sanding.

For more information, see the video.

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