Wooden IPod Nano (2g)

A complete wooden casing (not case) for an iPod Nano (2nd Generation). These totally replace the factory aluminium casing.

About me, I'm working to try and become a Classical Guitar maker, these are some projects that I did in my spare time. They are made using simple hand tools. I didn't use any machinery to create them.

The first one (now broken) was made from Indian Rosewood with Honduran Cedar edges. The touchwheel in this case was made using a Mahogany veneer (0.6mm) glued to the plastic touchwheel with an Indian Rosewood button in the centre. I wasn't happy with that..

The second one is still a bit of a WIP as I broke the screen when making some adjustments and can't afford to get a replacement at the moment. I simplified the design a little (in part because I broke the wire to the hold button). I also wanted it to be a bit more compact than my first effort.

It's made from Flamed Eucalyptus and Ebony. The touchwheel on this one is made from solid ebony (around 1mm thick) and feels much nicer than the Mahogany veneer on plastic in the previous iteration. The screen has some purfling around the edges just to make it look a little nicer.

This shows it in an early stage of production. The edges have had a slight bevel applied and generally cleaned up. I will upload a new picture when my camera decides to accept batterys again.

If people are interested, I will try and make some step by step instructions when I have some more time.

Peace :D

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    isaac gs0

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this project, upcycling out dated devices has always brought interest to me.
    Step by step would be awesome..

    1 reply

    Hi, thanks :)

    The touchwheel does indeed work with a veneer stuck to it. It actually works better in the second version where I removed the plastic touchwheel from the equation and went with solid wood and made it flush with the front plate. Having the first one recessed was a slight design flaw.

    You don't have to put any pressure on it, just the same as the touchwheel is normally. And with ebony being the standard wood on stringed instrument fingerboards, the wheel feels great on the fingers.

    I should point out that all the wood used on these are off-cuts from guitars I have built. Trees are precious, don't waste them.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    People are always interested in step-by-step instructions!