Wooden Laptop for Children

Introduction: Wooden Laptop for Children

In this instructable you'll learn how to make a wooden laptop for children.
It's really fun to make and you can give it your own touch if you like.

This laptop is made inspired from the 'my first laptop' you can buy in some shops.
It shouldn't cost to much to make either the hardest part is that you need a milling machine but it could be left out if you like.

You only need it for the 'touchpad', when you cut this out you could store chalk in it.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

  • plywood (9mm and 15mm)
  • 2 hinges, you can choose which ones or how big you want them to be
  • optional: a lock like the one on the photo for keeping it close when carrying it
  • chalkboard paint
  • a saw
  • sandpaper
  • screws for connecting the hinges and ev. the lock
  • optional: milling machine
  • optional: paint for decorating the 'touchpad' and for the edges of the laptop

Step 2: Dimensions

The dimensions are;
-the plywood of 15mm: 225x325mm
-the plywood of 9mm: 225x325mm
-the radius for the corners: 20mm
-use the sandpaper to scrub the corners on the top for 2mm
-for the touchpad; on the inner side of the plywood (15mm): 110mm from the outer sides endlong, broadwise 143mm from the top (where you put the hinges), 20mm from the bottom with a depth of 10mm, for the corners I used a radius of 4mm
-the 2 corners from the shortest side were chamfered ta 45°, this isn't nessesairy but is usefull for picking up the laptop

Step 3: The Paint and Hinges

Now you can paint the 'screen' and 'keyboard' , if you don't have a milling machine you could also paint the 'touchpad'.
You should put on the paint 2 times, after it is completly dry after painting it you should lightly go over it with some sandpaper and paint it again

-keyboard: lengthwise 18mm from the outer sides, 18mm from the upper side and 20mm from the touchpad
-screen: always keep a 18mm distance from the side with the chalkboard paint
-logo: you can put a logo on the top, I painted a Penguin with the chalkboard paint and painted the nose with a different color paint, but you can put everything you want on the top

For the hinges I used 2 on each side, make sure the laptop will be able to stand up straight

Step 4: Done!

I hope you enjoy the laptop!
Feel free to ask any questions or if you have any remarks please tell me!
I would like to add again, I didn't invent the laptop, it was based on the 'my first laptop' toy

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