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Introduction: Wooden Serviete Holder

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do you have those normal paper serviette holders in where you have to fold it in to to put it in  and that too it will hold only 6? well i have those and hate it. My mom in law had a silver serviette holder which you don't have to do any folding....she said someone gifted it to her....so i had no option but to make one for me....which i didn't mind as i like to try out simple new projects :-)
So here is my instructable for my wooden serviette holder :-)

Step 1: Materials

3/8" square dowels...approximately 64"
1/8" thin ply wood sheet ( totally about 14" x 8" i think)
1 wide Popsicle stick
22 the normal size Popsicle sticks

Step 2: Cut and Glue the Frame

Cut  3/8" square dowels in 8 equal sticks ....if  the corners are mitered make sure the inside measurement is 7" .
make 2 square frames by gluing and the then stapling the miter corners.
Take one frame... place it on a thin plywood and mark and cut it out.
Then stapler the plywood to the frame
Take the other frame and  mark 6mm or just a bit more in the center and cut that section out (A)
on the opposite side of  A  ...mark 2.5 "  from either side and cut it out.

Keep section 'A'

Step 3: Attaching the Flap

Drill a tiny hole in section A...pass the small steel rod through...keep about 1/4" or less of steel rod on either side and cut the rod. now....drill tine holes in the sides of the frame where the section A was cut from.
apply glue on  either side of the rod  and  join it by pushing the rod into the drilled section. The pictures would explain better :-)
Square the end of one wide popsicle stick . cut out a desired design from thin plywood for the flap.
attach the popsicle stick to the flap like in the picture. add a nut to the end to give weight. i covered the nut hole with filler.

Step 4: Stain

take the 22 popsicle sticks and cut off the rounded edges. I taped all together and cut it off. the sticks should be about 6.5 cm. in height. this is the height of the paper serviette pack
now stain the frame and sticks as you like.
i stained my sticks ebony as my kids had colored them with color pencils and i couldn't fine more sticks...so i had to stain them black.
I painted a black scroll design in my flap to match the black sticks.

Step 5: Glue and Clamp

Now start gluing and clamping your popsicle stics to the frame. later once dry...glue and clamp to the other frame with the plywood.
varnish it. and finally add the flap.(do not varnish where the flap is supposed to be attached... as the glue might not stick)

Step 6: Done!

Attach the flap with glue....and clamp tight! done! put your paper serviette pack in it  and you are done...no more folding serviettes...yippee! :-)

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