Wooden Tin With Threaded Lid





Introduction: Wooden Tin With Threaded Lid

A few days ago I came across a slot cutter with 30mm diameter and 4mm blade height and asked myself whether this would be suitable to cut threads in wood? So I decided to give it a try and make a small wooden box with a 120 x 8mm thead.

Step 1: Material

The tin is made of 2 blocks 160 x 160 x 45mm beech plywood glued together from 15mm blanks...

Use quality wood - if you look closely the wood I used has a few bad spots that just closely missed the thread...

Step 2: Machining

The machining steps are shown in the video at the beginning.

The CAM and CNC control software used is Estlcam.



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    4 Discussions

    I think you left a lot out. How does a slot cutter make pointed threads? You must have modified it to make a 60 degree thread cutter. Lets see the CNC cutting it.

    1 reply

    OK, now the video explains a lot. Very nice box.

    Since tins are made of tin, wouldn't this really be a wood? :)