Wooden Wine Box From Old Pallets




Introduction: Wooden Wine Box From Old Pallets

I had to get a B-day gift for a friend that was not to expensive.

I kinda Made up the sizes as I went along.

Step 1: Preparing the Material.

Get some pallet plankes remove the nails.

Then remove the ugly top layers and I reduce the thickness.

Step 2: Find the Required Size.

Once you have your plankes cut the edges square.

Measure the desired length and cut them to cover the top bottem and sides.

Step 3: Repair Flaws

How to repaire a flaw.

First cut the the bad area out.

Trace the area on to another plank.

Cut the new insert out make it fit nice and tight.

Glue it in to place and the sand it down.

Step 4: Make Some Edging.

I had some pallets made of what I think could be some kind of teak may be merati.

I did not have alot so decided to use them only on the side.

So I cut a couple of strips.

Then I cut them to fit the width and hight of my box front and back.

Sand them down.

Then I had to cut in a step to hold the side plankes.

My router went on Strike so I had to improvise.

Step 5: Start to Assemble.

Add glue and the sides

I have used a manual nail gun with very short nails.

Step 6: Before You Close the Box Prepare the Inside.

Here I made the rails for the wyne glasses there should be 2 strips.

Step 7: Prepare the Bottle Rack

Get the inside width of the box.

Lay out your bottles.

Mark the circles and drill a hole for the jig saw to start.

Then I cut out the circles.

Sand them.

Step 8: Assemble

Then you glue and nail every thing in to place.

Step 9: Final Touches

Add a door some hinges a door handle and locks.

Then to finish I use teak oil to bring ou the color a bit.

Add the accessories and then the gift is ready.

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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wel the sizes were pending on size of my pallet planks


    5 years ago

    good job and great idea but would be nice to have measurements and details as such. besides that great 'ible


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks wel it took me about a day or so