Woodenbox Introduction

Introduction: Woodenbox Introduction

We created this box to store our coin money. This box is inspired by this file :http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32105 . We changed the size, shape and artwork to fit our specifications.
The main changes are in the legs of the box and the opening and closing hinges.

Step 1: In Order to Make the Box.

We created a illustrator file at 300 DPI.

we used a multiplex 5 mm width and a lasercutter at 100% power , 40% speed.

To engrave the text we make a little mistake. The filled engrave created with 30% power at 40% speed and the outline engraving at a 13% power , 40 speed. That i€™s why we needed to give it a second pass.

Step 2: Print, Glue and Enjoy

we use wood-glue to construct the box. we also use some tape to be sure everything stays in place (by the lack of clamps).

remove al overflowing glue from the sides.



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