Woodpecker Suet Holder

Hello!! Welcome to making your own woodpecker duet holder or more commonly known as a bird feeder.

Step 1: Drink Milk!

Gather 1 gallon plastic container, preferably empty and clean!

Step 2: Purchase Woodpecker Suet If Your Neighborhood Birds Are Hungry

You can find it at most home and garden stores, or you can try duncraft.com (bird supply)

Step 3: Cut a Square of Wire Mesh

Step 4: Cut the Bottom Off the Milk Container

This is the part you will be using, use the other half to bail out a boat and make sure to keep the top on otherwise it will be a funnel

Step 5: Assemble

Insert the mesh into the milk container to ensure it fits, otherwise make sure you trim it.

Step 6: Punch Holes

Punch four holes in each side to fasen the wire mesh to the milk container

Step 7: Adding the Suet

While you are doing that take zip ties and fasten the mesh to the milk container after putting the new suet inside it.

Add your fastening wire or string to hang the feeder.

Step 8: Find a Partner and Hang It Up!

Be careful climbing trees you monkey. Make sure to hang it low enough so that you don't have to climb a ladder each time you replace the suet!

Step 9: Wait for the Birds to Come Find It!

Enjoy your new bird feeder. Always make sure you put it close to cars of people you might think need good luck. Isn’t it good luck to get pooped on by a bird?



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    Uncle Kudzutim_kukulka

    Reply 5 weeks ago

    Lol, made me look :) I was gonna rush out and get some woodpecker suet cakes if it would bring those big ones down where I could get a good look!

    Seriously, though, I didn't know that they made the cakes specifically for woodpeckers; I'll be looking out for those. Thanks!