Woodpile Fence Post

Introduction: Woodpile Fence Post

My neighbors recently replaced their fence. They moved the fence line back, increasing the garden space on the front, south end of their yard. My fence had been down for several years and decided it was time to replace it. With their fence moved back, I couldn't (didn't want to) make a post hole in 30+ year old cement.

I decided to use gravity to replace the need for a cemented fence post.

Step 1: Wood Pile Made From Scrap Wood.

I didn't have a plan worked out. I just knew I needed something as an anchor for the fence. The pile of wood on top of the shelf connected to the fence rails would keep the fence up and sturdy.

Step 2: The Rough Plans for the Woodpile/fence Post

I made this rough plan today. The two boards that support the wood pile press down on the 2x4 posts connected to the fence rails.

Step 3: My Neighbors/cheering Squad

Step 4: Additions I Am Planning on Adding.

I plan on attaching my House Stark crest which I made at the corner of the upper fence rail and center fence post, installing the fence planks around it.

I also made this...bust that will be installed on the center fence post. This was a carving of a cat that I carved down to attempt to make into a dog. As my friend told me, it looks like a Chupacabra.

There is not one specific way to do this. Houses are different and have different requirements. This is just a general concept of what I did to fix the issue.

I don't have the funds to install a new fence, so I compensated with a Direwolf crest and a Chupacabra bust.

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