Woodturning ~ a Mallet for the Shop

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Every woodworker or handyman needs a good strong mallet.  They're really not that hard to make either.  All I used was a Poplar dowel and a block of Hickory.  I know that Hickory is one of those woods that you never see people turn but I had a huge log of it laying around and I decided to make it into something useful.  I started by turning my handle into a comfortable shape that fits in my hand nicely and then I made an inch and a half long tendon at the top of the handle that matches my drill bit.  I sanded and finished my handle with mineral oil and then went on to the head of the mallet.  I trued up my pice of wood and then made a mallet shape with it.  Once it was done, I sanded and finished it the same way as the handle.  I also glued two circles of leather to each end of the mallet so it could take blows a little better.  I took it off the lathe and drilled a hole an inch and a half deep so I could glue my tendon in.  Once my handle was glued in, I let it dry for a little while before using it.  Please follow me, rate, comment, and favorite this instructable for more woodturning tutorials.  Also, please vote for me in the "woodworking contest" if this has been accepted yet. Thanks :)



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