Woodturning Lathe Tool Storage Problems Solved in This Easy Woodworking Project Video

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Woodturning Lathe Tool Storage Problems Solved in this easy Woodworking Project video*

For detailed instructions you can watch the YouTube video here http://youtu.be/3wlvdoKyFKg

Build a Lathe tool rack for your woodturning tools, this woodworking project is also an easy beginner’s project and solves your lathe tool storage problems.

In this woodworking video I’m going to teach you how to build a practical lathe chisel storage rack, we will go through how to cut the pieces of MDF on a table saw and how to lay them out as well as some practical tips on spray painting your woodworking projects.

This rack holds 22 woodturning chisels in a small box that is easily moved around the workshop, you could also use French cleats to stick it to the wall when not in use.

The next page contains images of the finished product.

Step 1: Images of the Finished Lathe Tool Rack

Images of the finished Lathe tool rack



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