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Introduction: Woodworker Bench Bungs Trashy Gift

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Let me start by saying I thought it necessary to come up with the unique name Bench Bungs for these knockoff woodworking tools so not to infringe on any trademarks.

Woodworkers may know these as...

If you are not familiar with the above products, take a look at the video on YouTube to see how the Bench Dogs are used.

Why Bench Bung? Well do you know what a bunghole is? Before you report this Instuctable to the moderators for using profanity, BUNGHOLE is not profanity. See the Wikipedia's definition of a BUNGHOLE. A bung is simply an object that is inserted into the bunghole. In many cases a cork plug of sorts. While this will not be filling any holes it is cylindrical and a catchy little name don't you think.

If you read any of the product descriptions from the product links above, The Bench Bung will be helpful to support your woodworking project while you work effortlessly.

This Instructable is truly a Trash to Treasure story where you will want to make many of these and give them to all your woodworking friends as Gifts! In fact, this may be one of the least expensive and most useful gifts you ever give to your woodworking friends. Most useful if you give in sets of four.

Feel free to VOTE if you so desire.

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Step 1: The Trash

I bet you know at least one person who chews tobacco. If you do, ask them to save you their empty cans. Well, at least four for this project.

Just imagine how many of these are in landfills. While these are ideal for the recycle centers, I would imagine most are just thrown in the trash rather than recycle bins.

So, the first item you will need are empty tobacco/snuff cans. As already mentioned at least four or in multiples of four if you are giving Bench Bungs as Gifts to multiple friends.

So far you have paid nothing for this project.

Step 2: Stone Filler

Next you will need some type of dense matter to give weight to your Bench Bungs. I simply went into my landscaping and scooped up some "pea" gravel from the yard. Your local landscaping yard may refer to this as #8 river gravel. You will need about a palm full for each can. I estimate the weight of a finished Bench Bung is 4-6 ounces with the proper weighted filler.

I recommend removing as much of the organic matter as possible. As you can see I had some acorns to sort out of my batch. The organic matter will probably decompose over time and cause stones to shift around a bit, but should not be a big deal.

The quarter was not part of the filler... just through it down to show size of gravel.

Step 3: Fill the Cans

Now fill the cans up to the top with the stone. Try to get the stone level to the top. You might want to shift the stone around a bit to fill as much of the air space as possible..

Next put the lids on and push them on tight. If you do not get a good even seal, give the can a shake to shift stones or remove a pebble or two.

Step 4: Seal the Cans

Now seal the cans closed.

I used vinyl electricians tape to seal the lid to the can. Work tape around the can about two times to get a nice tight closed can.

Step 5: Ready for Rubberizing

We have one set of Bench Bungs ready to be coated with a rubberized spray..

Depending on how you plan to use your Bench Bungs, you might be able to use them in this unfinished state. But, I recommend going one extra step to let the Bench Bungs grab the bench and your woodwork.

At this point I have paid nothing to make these.

  • Tobacco cans FREE from a friend.
  • Gravel was just laying around the yard.
  • Electricians tape was what I had on hand..

If one wants so get technical I guess they could say I did at one time pay for the gravel and tape which I did. So, maybe I have 5 cents invested in this entire set at this point.

Step 6: Rubberize

Based on the descriptions of the products of which the Bench Bungs are a knockoff, we need them to grip the bench and grip the woodwork.

Basically we want your projects not to move while you are sanding, panting, or whatever when supported by the Bench Bungs.

Finally, I have invested a few dollars in this project. The Plasti Dip is a rubberized spray coating. Cost per can is about $6 with a coverage of 5-10 square feet depending on how many coats you apply. For the sake of this project I applied 4 coats following the manufacturer's recommendations on the label. A good guess is that I used about 50% of the can for three sets of 4 cans. Why three sets you ask? Because I am giving them away as gifts!

So, $1.00 of spray coating used for one set of four Bench Bungs.

Step 7: Use Them or Gift Them

Here you go folks! Stack them up, slap on some ribbon and a bow then Gift them!

With the instructions I have given one set of four will cost about $1.05. Overall not a bad investment. I have used them around the shop and found they work pretty well. Did you watch the video earlier where the user was using the Bench Dog to hold a piece of wood while working a router? I would not try that with these. The grip strength just does not seem secure enough for such a task.

If you are not satisfied with the workmanship of the Bench Bung, then hand them off to a hocking player to slap around the ice!

Biggest time consumer was waiting for the rubber coating to dry to touch before applying another coat. Overall, I applied four coats to give it a good build up of the coating.

Would love to hear some other ways to save tobacco cans from the landfill for reuse.

If you like it VOTE.



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    Very cool use of a product that is commonly thrown out!

    Modern Rustic Workshop
    Modern Rustic Workshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    Much more practical I should add too!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! And cost effective. When I first saw the Bench Dogs at a retail store with the price tag I was shocked. The idea immediately came to me to make these out of chew cans. Thanks to Instructables for rekindling that idea!

    Modern Rustic Workshop
    Modern Rustic Workshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    Ha that's what I meant to say.. not practical. Oops!