Woolen Toddler Frock

Woolen Toddler Frock for winters.

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Step 1: Materials

Choose any yarn of your choice and needle for knitting.

Step 2: Process

Place 40 stitches into needle. As you started knitting increase the stitches, according to the length and width. it depends on you how much width do you want. Length will also depend on your choice or the toddler height.

Step 3: Hat

For hat you need to start from the top with 10 stitches or in accordance with the diameter of child's head. For top part make it round and increase the number of stitches as you go on knitting. After that stop increasing the stitches an continue to increase length. For frill increase the stitches or double the number of stitches and continue knitting.

Step 4: Embroidery

It depends on you how much embroidery do you want on hat or on Frock. Which embroidery stitches you like. I chose chain stitches and some crochet.

Step 5: It's Done

Stitch the frock with needle. Now it's done and ready to wear.

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