Word-Foam Cutouts

Introduction: Word-Foam Cutouts

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These Word-Foam Cutouts are a lot of fun for kids, and there can be a lot of them depending on what you or they want them to say. Plus, they can also be unique and different depending on how you decorate them. 

The easiest way to make one of these cutouts is to find the right foam for the project...

**The color

Choose the word that you want to cutout and draw it in whatever font, shape that you want. Keep in the mind the parts that will be cut out, like the middle of the "o".

When you are done, use an exacto-knife or use scissors to cut each section out. Then the fun part...decorate with whatever you want. Add glitter or stickers or draw on it with marker. Whatever the little one (or ones) wants to do.

And there you go, fun art for the room or a name for the door.

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