Work Bench Bike Repair Stand With Angle Adjustment





Introduction: Work Bench Bike Repair Stand With Angle Adjustment

This unit is similar to past postings but uses a "PVC Union" to adjust bike angle for better access to bike parts.

Step 1: Bike on Angle

Union must be tightened with plumbers wrench to hold in place

Step 2: Bike on Angle

Again you must really tighten the union fitting to hold bike position

Step 3: Bike in Horizontal Position

Union stays in straight position without additional tightening of union.



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    2 Discussions

    three things why couldn't you use a piece of pipe inside the other to make the extension for the clamp stronger or slide the pipe over the metal tube to make it stronger and you could use some foam pipe cladding to fit in the clamp to avoid damage to the frame

    1 reply

    re: the foam inside the clamp, look closely at the picture, there is a padded kitchen grip fitted in there to do just that.