Work Bench

Introduction: Work Bench

I was wanting to straighten up my garage so I decided to start by building a work bench.

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Step 1: Make Room

If your garage is anything like mine, you've got stuff everywhere. It took a few minutes to clear a space to start putting the work bench into place.

Step 2: Materials

For this work bench I used... 1 4 foot x 8 foot 3/4 inch sheet of MDF 1 4 foot x 8 foot 1/8 inch sheet of hard board 1 4 foot x 8 foot 1/8 inch sheet of peg board 10 8 foot long 2x4 1lb of 3 inch deck screws 1lb of 2 inch deck screws 1 tube of silicon All of this ended up costing a little over $100

Step 3:

First, I found the studs and mounted 2 2x4s horizontally to the wall. The top 2x4 is 42 inches from the ground and the lower 2x4 is sitting on top of the bass board.

Step 4: Frame Work

Next I built the frame. I cut out 3 42 inch legs and 8 21 inches cross supports. On the cross support, I used a jig and put 4 pocket holes in each support. Once all of that was done, I attached the legs and supports to 2 2x4s.

Step 5:

Now that the frame is built, I screwed the cross supports into the 2 2x4s that I attached to the wall earlier.

Step 6: Work Surface

When I got the MDF board, I had the store cut it in 2 long ways. I put one half on top of the work bench. The other half I notched out so that it would fit around the legs and put on the bottom of the bench. Once they where in place, I screwed them down.

Step 7:

As most of you know, it doesn't take much to mess up a MDF board. So I glued some hard board to the top of the MDF and clamped it down until it dried.

Step 8: Peg Board

The last step is putting up a frame for the peg board and screw the peg board into the frame. All done!!!

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2 years ago

Outstanding idea! I’m taking notes to start mine.