Work Pranks With ZipTies

Introduction: Work Pranks With ZipTies

Many industrial jobs have zip ties everywhere, and the natural decision for a man is to use the zip ties to prank his fellow blue collar workers. Here is a compilation of some of the best zip tie pranks I have either taken part in, seen the results of, or heard of 2nd hand.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Step 1: Coat Arm Tie

zip ties are quite strong, so take yours and tighten them around your buddies coat arms to watch him squirm as he tries to get inside his coat without being able to put his arms in!!!

Step 2: Chair Tie

Sitting down can be a important part of some on the job work, so a chair being able to move around is a great perk. Well with the help of a few zip ties that chair can be welded to any table or beam preventing it from going anywhere!!!

Step 3: Pants to Chair

If you feel you are a "stealthy" person use this great prank to zip tie the belt loop of someones pants right to the seat they are in!!!

Step 4: Zip Laces

If you have access to your co-workers shoes with out them knowing a zip tie through the top lace holes and tighten to prevent them from putting there shoes on.

Step 5: Tied to a Table

If a person sits or stands near a table that has holes running through it for clamps or whatever else. Running a zip tie through the table and through the belt loop will tie the person right to the table.

Step 6: Chair Lift

Most office chairs can move up and down by the help of hydraulics. Zip tie the hydraulic handle for the chair so that as the person sits down, the chair follows suit!!!

Step 7: Your Own Ideas

Every job site is a little different, so practical pranks where I work may not be applicable at your job. Come up with some of your own ideas and add them in the comments and I will try and add steps for good pranks.

Lastly, only prank in good fun, bullying and being a jerk when pranking isn't fun for anyone and ruins the spirit of goodhearted pranks in the work place. Also if your boss tells you to stop listen, don't lose your job having a bit of fun. Finally always be safe when pranking and make sure everyone enjoys!!!


Happy Pranking!!!

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    4 years ago

    I don't think 3&5 would work, Zip-ties make quite a bit of noise while being fastened...


    Reply 4 years ago

    true they do make some noise, the environment I work in is very loud though, there is no way someone could hear it. but it is true in certain work situations this would be difficult or impractical to do.