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About: I am, most definitely older than 00010101 and to put it simply, still curious about nearly everything :-) I then tend to read and/or experiment in those areas - when I have the time.. . My two "specialty...

The following sequence of photos shows my assigned portion of a 20' X 18' room.

Starting behind where I sit, and going clockwise, to the left of where I sit, then forward of where I sit, finally ending at the seat of (dis)honor and then my main seeing device.

It is cramped at best, cluttered at worst.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry im off topic here. i just joined the site and im trying to figure out how to use it. actually what i need is to ask you what is the best way to have my almost 22year ola son to test himself. i 've hinted him in the past that i think he has 90% of all aspies symptoms and he got offended. he even told me that he didnt need to be tested since i had already made the diagnosis for him. also'being as smart as he is, he made some sarcastic comments about how he diagnosed me based on some of my actions. all i want is for him to know is that there are other people out there just like him and that he can try to communicate with people tha understand him.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Marcely, your topic would probably be better addressed in my group: Asperger's (hot link)  but a simple test like the one featured at my link, helps see if the possibility is there or not, but is also not a diagnosis.  For that, a bit of time and in some cases, a lot of money to a Psych. is needed for a "real" diagnosis.

    I can not move this to the group, but I am sure one of the persons here with those "super powers :-) "  can.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yeah it was all nice and organized before my other half took over, more then half the room.

    I absolutely love it.

    I have so many projects filling a bedroom and two garage's, that I am fighting a losing battle, well, that is what my wife says! Of course, all the stuff is paid for with our money, it's our business, our time and benefit's us.

    I won't throw away anything that I think 'will come in in an emergency' as it usually does a better job than if we had to buy the item and pay postage for it. Only, to be the wrong part and/or shoddy workmanship!

    I have a spinal and brain injury, I don't let it stop me doing what I want to do and if it was meant to be, because these injuries have enhanced the creative and innovative side of the brain.

    My wife says that I am as a younger Stephen Hawking, in my functional state.

    I am with you on this one.

    All the best.

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    If I keep up my rate of "cramming random tools into my workspace", I guess I should rent a space in a warehouse. Oh, right, I was going to ask "Where'd you get those ferrite cores?" but then that's a fruitless question because I already know you get them from radios. Now for the real question... Where in the world did you get all that stuff? I recommend you coil the telephone lines then stack them up on a pole, then align all of your boxes of soft/hardware so that they'll look neat and organized.

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    Um, the "wrap around" type ferrite cores are actually noise suppressors, mostly from old discarded pc monitors :-)

    When one works in the Tech (IT) dept of a business, a small business, "stuff" tends to be discarded that no longer functions well. Many of my "giant capacitors" (not shown) that are about the size of a quart can of motor oil, are gotten from old IBM terminals and an old main frame hard drive (not so good for making a portable radio ;-) as they weigh a few pounds each). The problem is that I HAD this whole room neat, organized and stuff OFF the floor, but then my wife "moved into the room" with stuff she was selling on eBay (that just now sits around) and I am forced back into a tiny corner of the room. There is NO organizing all this inside of my tiny area....if I can't get her to move the computer out to the computer aumoire and give me my work room back, then I can't get it organized.

    I hear you..The husband and I both are pack rats. Its hard to choose what to keep and what goes. Now that I am making things I have not worked on in awhile and making Instructables, I have to keep more of it. ; )

    Now that's a situation I wanna avoid. Once I get married (in a decade or 2), I'm gonna have a little discussion about personal work-spaces...