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Introduction: Workbench Lamp

I was looking for a lamp above my new build workbench. I saw very nice TL armatures, but was looking for a LED version.
Found it, but it was rather expensive.
It was a bit of a suprise when I saw the inside; the light came from two LED- strips!
I stil had some left at home and made my own LED- light, and was suprised by the result.

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Step 1: Prepare the Wood

I sanded the wood and put two layers of varnish on for a smooth finish, so the glue would stich to it.

Step 2: Prepare the LED-strip

Cut the LED-strips carefully in four equal pieces.
Carefully peel the protection off the copper contacts.
This requires careful preparation, see that the copper on the LED-strips is clean.
Solder wires at the strips.
After testing I finished the strips with heat schrink. This is not necessary, isolating tape is also good, but I prefer this.

Step 3: Stick Together

Stick the LED-strips to the wood. I have read already that the glue strip itself is not enough.
I also used a glue gun.
This was still not good enough, the LED-strip went loose.
I made three perspex strips with a hole, and fasten them. (I used clear material because I want the full rendement of my LED's.)

Step 4: Finish!

Now screw in two hooks, fasten the wireless transponder and test.
I myself am very glad with the result.
Totally made from leftovers of previous projects I made a luxury light above my new built workbench, with low energy consumption and remote control!

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    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!