Workbench From a Pallet

Introduction: Workbench From a Pallet

This is a concept that allows you to use an old pallet which you may have lying around like I did and turn it into something useful a workbench :D

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Step 1: Gathering Equiptment

Equipment list:

  1. Hammer
  2. Screws
  3. Drill
  4. Saw
  5. Good weather!
  6. a Pallet x2
  7. and a buddy to help with the fiddly bits

We also used the nails from the pallet to hammer in the rest of the slats.

Step 2: Measure the Size of Your Area

Measure with another piece of wood (if you want to be accurate use a tape measure) and measure how far you want the desk to come out from the wall. I wanted mine not to overlap the door so I took off about half of the pallet and used that.

Once you've measured it, size up the measurement with the pallet and the cut up to that mark on all of the pallets slats making sure its straight.

Step 3: Take the Slats Off

Now you need to take apart the halve of the pallet that is not being used so that you can use the slats as the desk top, after that you might need to take off the slats on the other half so that all the slats fit together with no gaps. Leave a few on the bottom because you may want to add drawers that can be made out of the off cuts.

But remember to save the nails!

Step 4: Fit the Slats to Make the Desk

Now you need to line up the slats on the top of the pallet so that there are no gaps between each one so you have a smoothish desk to work on and use the nails that you saved to hammer the slats back on.

Step 5: Take a Break!

This is a pretty lengthy project, keep motivated for best results :D

Step 6: Make Sure It Fits

When I measured my desk up in the shed there was a wooden support that was in the way of a flush fit so I cut off some of the pallet so that it would fit.

Step 7: Add Some Legs

Once you know that the workbench will fit in place and some legs to give it extra support but make sure that its at the height that suits you.

I measured it against my leg and marked it with the saw.

Step 8: Your Finished!

Setup any other bits you may want to add like electric and storage space and your done :P

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4 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

First person to make this and show proof that you have made it i will send you a patch! :D


5 years ago

Where can you get pallets ?


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Everywhere, usually at the dump, or you can ask places like construction sites where they ship in tiles on pallets, industrial places etc

I used to ask that question too, took to my bike yesterday and realized there were many lying around the neighbourhood, just have to open your eyes