Workbench From Scrap Metal Pipes.



Production workbench from old trash metal pipes. This project has served me well as a welding training with my new welder. Table suitable for my garage.

Step 1: The Upper Part

The upper part of the table is made up of 4 tubes welded into a square. Two long, two short, thick as well. In the last figure is seen leg - robust tube.

Step 2: The Lower Part - Table Legs

Table legs are made up of thick metal pipes of the same length. Table height choose according to need. The second picture shows the installation of the upper base into the legs. The third and fourth image - link legs together on one side.. at finish on 6th picture.

Step 3: Completion

I used a hammer and a welder for connecting parts and stablished skeleton table.

Step 4: Worktop

You can use wooden pallets or wooden board. Alternatively metal grid to give a workbench for welding. Final update - sanded and paint. Not pretty, but functional :)

Step 5:



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