Working 3d Hemi Based V8


Introduction: Working 3d Hemi Based V8

I built this because I wanted to

design an engine loosely based off the 426 hemi created by mopar to rule the racing scene in the 1960s and 1970s. The engine has a .889 in bore 3.7 deck height and is currently in the short block stage. I am constantly redesigning it to make it better.

When the engine is finished it will be a working supercharged 3d printed hemi.

Step 1:

first I took the dimensions of a hemi and cut them down to a scale that would work on the printers i have access to. after the dimensions were all recorded and written down i set to work design and drawing the block

the block has

.889 cylinder bore

1.2 inch main journal diameter

.75 inch cam diameter

Step 2:

then i designed and printed the short block.

the pistons feature a

.889in diameter

.44in wrist pin

1.1in connecting rod

.3 in thick connecting rod

the connecting rod journal is .3 inches

  1. main journal is 1.2 inches in diameter

the crank also features a .8 inch stoke the stroke is limited due to the camshaft's position. the oil pan was design and built with a largeder stoke in mind

the oil pan is 3.8 by 6.6, and 1.4 inches deep at the bottom of the pan



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