Working FLIP OPEN Batarang !

Introduction: Working FLIP OPEN Batarang !


Pure metal-work this time, totally worth it though! One of the coolest lil things I have ever made.

Try it and have some fun :)

Step 1: Tools and Material


- Dremel or power drill

- M2 thread cutter

- Jig Saw

- File

- Screwdriver

- Pliars


- 1.5mm aluminum sheet

- Round steel or alu blank, 40mm outer diameter

- 5x M2 screw, 5mm long

- 3x M2 screw, 12mm long

- Brass tubing, 5mm OD, 2mm ID(for the stoppers and the lower spacer)

- 2 short strong tension springs, 15mm long, not wider than 6mm

- 1 spring for the center push button

- brass or alu round bar, short piece, 13mm long

Step 2: Instructional Video

The steps:

1. Print the template and cut out 2 wings (1.5mm alu, STEEL if you want to throw it)

2. Drill the holes as shown in the videos, cut the M2 thread in the upper smaller hole

3. Cut a round 40mm baseplate out of the same alu sheet, 40mm in diameter

4. Wings on the plate, mark the hole for the mounting screw

5. Screw them on, now mark the way of the spring and use a drill bit to mill out a channel as in the vid

6. Drill holes for the screw holding the springs into the base plate and add screws to the wings, then attach the springs

7. Check how far the springs pull back the wings, mark the spot, and 2 more holes for M2 threads.

8. Cut two 9mm pieces of the brass tube, and file them as shown in the vid, same for the lower spacer

9. Fabricate the push button thingy as shown in the video, place it where the ends of the wings meet,

and drill a hole, same on the cover plate (4 or 5mm)

10. Push button thingy into the hole between the wings, spring on it (matching the diameter plus some

space for a smooth fit)

11. M12 screws thought the spacer holes, spacer on screws, lower spacer on the lower end, screw tight, and you are done!

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    where did you get the springs?


    4 years ago

    How did you cut the steel??


    Reply 3 years ago

    Use Alu

    Alex 2Q
    Alex 2Q

    4 years ago

    Very cool project, thanks for sharing!

    Cheers Alex


    Reply 4 years ago