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One of the problem of our life, my workdesk is in a mess with many things such as cables, glasses, papers, memos, and so on. We often attach a shelf and bookstall to arrange on our working desks. But the usable place of the desk is limited and it is troubles to attach the shelf.

So we suggested and made the working hanger that can hold many things and arrange on the work desk. It does not occupy the space on the work desk because it is attached to the wall. The attachment means is simple by suction hooks.

It certainly makes our work life more comfortable.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following supplies

・double clip ×7


・tension rod (about 30 cm)

・hook ×2

・suction hook ×2


Step 2: How to Make

    1. After gathering the supplies, you cut the net to the length of the rod.

    In this case, the length is 30 cm × 42.5 cm.

    2. Make two strings from the scrap of the net.

    3. Tie up a net and a rod both side.

    4. The suction hooks are attached on the wall.

    5. Attach the hooks and the double clips on the net.

    Arrange the two hooks for glasses aside and attach it.

    Attach the clips from the back of the net.

    ※ The silver part of the clip to hold something is in front of the net.

    The double clips for cable are arranged to the bottom.

    6. Hang it on the suction hooks.

    It is complete!

    Step 3: How to Use

    The hooks become a holder of glasses.

    The double clips can store memos and arrange cables.

    These placements can be customized to be convenient for you.

    You can roll up working hanger and carry it easily.

    It certainly makes our working life more comfortable!

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      2 years ago

      I could use one of these too :)