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Step 1: My Car

A k'nex car that I started to build today it's Just a prototype so it isn't perfect

Step 2: Motor

Just a k'nex coaster (roller-coaster) motor so it doesn't go fast drives one set of wheels

Step 3: Trailer Thingy at the End

It's actually it's a weight so It go in reverse

Step 4: Legs

There legs that extend so i can work on the chassis

Step 5: How It Works

You might be wondering how does it work when you switch the motor on it turns the drive shaft that turns the wheels that turn forwards that turns the rest of the wheels

Step 6:

Step 7: What Is That Gear for

Good question it for decoration ( so far ) if I get more gears and chain it will connect all the wheels

Step 8: That's It That's All

So that was my k'nex car the arcama car lander thingy ( not true name yet not sure what to call it ) thanks for looking at my car thank you and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoutout



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    pwubax 18

    5 years ago

    Yes it a k'nex piece that comes with lights

    pwubax 18

    5 years ago

    Leave a comment and I'll try and reply