Working Lego Technic Cross Bow (Inspired by the Mini Thriller)

This was a quick project that I did while my friend was over who knew a lot about this stuff. It shoots one of those technic L shaped, 4 hole long pieces. It uses the same priniple as the Mini Thriller from Badass Lego Guns book by Martin Hudepohl;  the trigger (when pulled) causes a piece to move out of the way of a brick (ammo) that is being pulled forward by rubber bands attached to the "wings" of the gun. The gun has room for 3 extra bolts/ammo: 2 in a case thing on the stalk and one connected to a loose rod. It is pretty powerful for 1-2 hours of work (can blow apart a lego target-see video 2.) The bolts/ammo can vary but need to have a height of at least 2 pieces.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome crossbow. I was just thinking of making one that was mini and compact would it be ok if i took your design?