Working Operation Costume!




Here! Finally, it lives!

I searched around online for a good, wearable costume, and it turns out there aren't any (That I could see) where it's one that isn't a box strapped to one's shoulders.

Step 1:

After googling around a little, I've decided to go freestyle with mine, so we'll see how it turns out.

I'm always open to ideas, and would appreciate any input, whether constructive or not!

Anyways, lets get down to business!

Materials needed-

Tin Foil
White Duct Tape (I bought two rolls, I'm very, very liberal with it.)
Wire - Flexibility is key here. (Length depends on distancing, yet to be determined for myself)
Metal Salad Tongs
Cardboard (Doesn't have to be pretty. Just going to tape over it)
Skin Coloured unitard (I may just end up finding a skin coloured sweater and pants.)
Light up nose (Ordered one off of ebay. We'll see how that works out.)
Velcro strips (Don't need very much, maybe 3 inches)
Buzzer of some type, Grabbed one from Radio Shack for 4 dollars
LED, 3 dollars at extremely overinflated price.

Tools I used-
Wire cutters/strippers

Step 2: Tong You Very Much.

Getting the tongs ready was rediculously easy.

It turns out that my wire is intended for lamps and such, which should work well! I only chose it because the store closed in 5 minutes, and it was on for 47 cents a meter. As well it turns out that I could separate the wire as it was a double (Live and Ground feeds).

First, strip the wire about 2 inches.

Next, I wrapped the wire around the tong handle, about two inches away from the joint of the the tongs.

Though probably not necessary, I'd used electrical tape tightly bind the wires to the tongs, and then wrapped them in duct tape. (Just for a really tight fit.)

I wrapped the other side for aesthetics.

Step 3: It's Shaping Up!

Decide which shapes you'd like to use.

I skipped the "Adam's Apple, and the "Bread Basket", as well as a few others, because I'd either come up with my own ideas for their original places, or they just wouldn't have been great to wear. (I don't need drunk people trying to take an Adam's Apple off my throat with metal tongs!)

First, I'd outlined the shapes I'd wanted to use on cardboard. Pardon the yellow sharpie, I didn't want to have black showing through the duct tape.

Next, wrap up your cut out shapes with the white duct tape. More tape will yield more strength.

As you can see, I chose a few classics and some of my own creation.
Butterfly for stomach
Charlie Horse
Broken Heart
Milk bone ;)
(side note, I didn't end up using all of the cut outs, as I ran out of real estate on my body.)

Step 4: Wire You Reading This?

Alright! So, I went and just bought a simple electonic buzzer from Radio Shack and a few LED's and such, though the buzzer is not as loud as I'd hoped, it still works well!

Connect the RED Lead of the cell pack to the negative terminal of the external cells.
Leave the BLACK Lead free.
Connect the wire from the SALAD TONGS to the positive terminal of the cells.

To save yourself trouble, time, and effort, just spot check with every added step of the circuit whether the circuit works or not, but ensure to have the speaker in series with the LED, so that it does not blow. (NOTE: The cell pack is just 2 AA batteries in a case, it didn't provide enough juice, so I slapped on the extras on the side to get it goin'.)

Refer to the diagram if you're stuck.

The battery connects to the LED and Buzzer, in SERIES. The TONGS touching any of the tin foil outlines will close the circuit.

Step 5:

Shape some Aluminum foil around your pieces, but leave about a half inch, so that they are free moving. (The further away they are from the lip of the foil, the easier it is for people to get them out.)

Poke a hole in the foil in the middle, and strip a solid amount of shielding off the wire you're using for it. Fray the wires so that it gets good coverage, and tape it down with electrical tape. ( I didn't want to do any soldering on this costume).   (As well, ensure the wire will be long enough or longer than it would require to reach your hip, with room to move.)

Make a bed of electrical tape so that there is a good silhouette of the shape in the outline.

Poke a TINY hole in the fabric where you'd like your shape to end up on your outfit.

Pull the wire through, and glue the outline to the fabric (I used, liberally, a glue gun. It works quite well actually, as the glue is reasonably flexible.)

To hold in the shapes, I just cut a SMALL 2 CM square of velcro out and glued it onto the piece and the bedding. Remember you don't want a lot of resistance to the pieces coming off. just enough to keep 'em on while you move around.

Step 6:

The nose I got in the mail was perfect, but the LED was rather intolerant of the original voltage I'd placed across it.

No worries though, I just went and picked up a better one, that turned out to put out more light anyways.

The photo I'd taken of the inside apparently hadn't saved.

All I did was make a V shape on the ends of the LED, and wrap frayed wire around the ends. I then taped them down with electrical tape. Probably the best step to not have a visual of, as I'm sure you can work out how to do this.
Just make sure the wires are cased up in tape, otherwise they will short and the LED won't light up.

I glue gunned the nose back together.

Step 7: Bring It All Together.

On the battery case, tape two separate pieces of foil onto the front and back of the battery casing.

The LED should connect once to each side, as it will be the bridge between the two pieces of foil.

On one of them, connect the BLACK lead of the speaker, and one of the LED wires.

On the other, connect all the game pieces to the foil, along with the OTHER LED wire.
Again, check to ensure your circuit works. If it doesn't, try swapping the two LED wires.

Refer to the basic circuit visual on the main step.



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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I'm going to try to make this for this year. I just ordered a few Rudolph noses from Amazon. Hopefully at least 1 decent one will arrive in time for me to complete this before Halloween. I can't wait to work on this. Thanks for posting this instructable!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, for the nose, I ended up just getting an LED light from Radio Shack, the nose I got on Ebay wasn't really good, but the half circle of it was fine enough.
    Just had two wires discretely going up my shirt, out the neck and onto the glasses.
    I did take an electronics class, but to be honest, none of it mattered. I just started out with low voltages, and found that four batteries worked just well enough to make the buzzer loud, and the LED bright.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Please finish your instructables before publishing. It's pretty disappointing to see a half-completed instructable.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    The wire doesn't show (what's not done yet) too well. These things should be finished before published, you can still view them in an unpublished state. L


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Here's one I made a few years ago. I used metal electrical boxes to hold candy, salad tongs to grab it, a radio shack bell to alert and an led in a ping pong ball for a nose.