Working With Piezo in TinkerCAD Circuits

This project demonstrates working with Piezos and Arduino in TinkerCAD circuits.

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Step 1: Components Required

  • Arduino UNO (1 No.)
  • Breadboard (1 No.)
  • Piezo (1No.)
  • Resistor 1k ohm (1 No.)
  • LED (1 No.)
  • Jumper wire (3 No.)
  • USB cable (1 No.)

Step 2: Breadboard Diagram

Make the connections as shown in the figure above.

  • Piezo: J15 and J20 (breadboard)
  • LED: Anode and Cathode to g20 and g19 respectively on the Breadboard.
  • Resistor: f19 and d19 on the breadboard.
  • Jumper wire (red): connecting the PIN3 (of Arduino) and f20 (of breadboard)
  • Jumper wire (black): connecting the GND (of breadboard) and -ve (of breadboard)
  • Jumper wire (black): connecting f15 (of breadboard) and -ve (of breadboard)
  • Jumper wire (black): connecting b19 (of breadboard) and -ve (of breadboard)

Step 3: Block Code

Create Block codes as shown in the figure

Step 4: Start Simulation

Click Start Simulation to see the action

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