Working of Thermal Controller Module

Introduction: Working of Thermal Controller Module

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When we are working on any type of thermal or refridgeration project we need a thermal controller but they are quite expensive to buy, In this project i want to introduce a cheap chinese thermal controller. with good features and some hidden feature.

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Step 1: DC 12V -50~110C Mini Thermostat Regulator Digital Temperature Controller

Control range: -50 ~ 110°C

Input Voltage: DC 12V

Resolution: -9.9-99.9°C 0.1°C ,

NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof sensor Measurement accuracy: 0.1°C

Output range: 1 way 10A relayControl

Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1 ( Hysteresis happen when Temperature fluctuation Happen it Affect Output by Regular Switching ON/Off)

Size: 48 * 40mm

Refresh rate: 0.5S

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Step 2: Components Used

  1. AMS1117 :- 5 Volt Low DropOut Voltage regulator Used In this Project To Provide Necessary Power For MCU , seven segment display and many components.
  2. 2 Diode Used In this project 1. To provide Polarity Protection 2. As Flyback (to dump High Voltage spike from Relay).
  3. N76E003AT20:- Main MCU in this module it is programmed To control Load according to various parameters set by user.
  4. FlyBack Diode:- This is also known as protection Diode.This is used used to protect Other Sensitive Parts For High Voltage Spikes Generated Form Relay.
  5. Seven Segment Display:- Used in this module to show three Numbers(temprature).
  6. Relay:- Relays used to switch high voltage/Current Loads. It also provide galvanic isolation From Load.
  7. Relay Driver Circuit:- As we know that MCU Can't Drive Relays Directly.Relay Driver Circuit is generally a Transistor NPN/PNP . MCU drive these Transistors then transister can drive Relay.

Step 3: Setup Temperature Controller Module for Work

After Intro we need Temperature controller to work. so connect its +ve,-ve to battery/power supply. After That Place Temperature Probe On Object whose temperature need to be monitored as shown in Picture.

Connect Your Heating or Cooling Device In series with Relay Connection so your load can be switched On/Off according to temperature setting.

Lts Begin its Advance Settings

On Display Numbers are displayed as a measured temperature

Press the SET button, the display flashes the temperature,Press + - to set the desired temperature,After setting press SET to confirm return,The controller automatically performs the relay by setting off!Lights, LED status.

If Indicator Off The relay is switched off

Shows LL is the sensor open(Please Plug The Senser / Check Senser for faults), showing HH is out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay, the display --- as high temperature protection.

Self Adjustment / Calibration - Long press SET Button for 5 seconds to enter the main menu settings, press the + - toggle P0 ... P8

After Feed long press SET or 10 seconds of no key activity confirmed their return to the controller Setup Checklist

Code Code Description Setting range Factory setting P0 Cooling /Heating C/H C

P1 Hysteresis setting 0.5-15'c 2'c Default

P2 Highest setting upper limit 110 110 Default

P3 Lowest setting upper limit -50 -50 Default

P4 Temperature correction -7.0-7.0 degree 0'c default

P5 Delay start time 0-10 Minutes 0 Default

P6 High temperature alarm 0-110 degree off Off state Default

long press + - boot to restore the factory settings 1 X W1209 Min High Precision -50-110°C heating and cooling Thermostat.


  • It works Fine But it equipped with (NTC) thermistor its sense is pretty accurate but its response time poor.
  • Its Overall Temperature Accuracy is 0.1%. Very Fine
  • It is User Programable through Push Button.
  • It can be used with Cooler/ Heater.
  • Compact Size.

All Done Enjoy I

If you have any problem related to This module Please Check My Video On YouTube


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