Working Paper Boomerang Without Tape!

Introduction: Working Paper Boomerang Without Tape!

great boomerang that works indoors. you will need a piece of paper, patience, and practice.

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Step 1: Fold in Half and Cut

Fold "hotdog" style,then crease with a pencil to make a sharp edge. Do it both ways and rip it in half. Then with the half sheet fold in half and fold both edges in as shown.

Step 2: Basic Creasing

Now make creases so that you will be able to fold easier. first, crease both sides in so that they line up with the half-crease you have already made. open the right side so you so a diamond and an X. Then take the horizontal crease of the X and fold it so that the crease faces you. The easiest way to do this is to pinch it and fold it along the long vertical crease. It should make a box-ish shape as in the picture. the fold the bottom leg so that it makes a single skinny leg.

Step 3: Forming the Boomerang

Ok, now, take a deep breath because this is the longest step. first fold the bottom dlap down then, pinch the edge of the triangle so that there is a crease which faces you. this will create a small triangle that you can just ignore for now. Next you must fold in the vertical leg. The left over paper should be folded so that it creates a triangle which points at the vertex of the inside triangle. Now the bottom leg must also be folded in. take the lowest vertex of the triangle and tuck it in as shown. Now flatten everything. make sure not to make any unwanted creases. Great job! you have passed the hardest part.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

All that is left to do now is to fold the end of the tails in. I usually start with the bottom leg. Simply fold the right side of the opened botom leg so that the top is flush against the middle crease. Then take the end and fold it down so that it creates a crease which barely touches the previous crease. Take the outside edge of that and fold it so that it makes a triangle as shown. Now you must do the same to the other leg. This leg is a bit different because of the fact that when you open it and begin folding both sides will have two layers of paper as opposed to having the 2.1 ration from the previous leg. Anyway, start folding the right side in and make the same triangle. Now you can tuck in the excess as shown in between the two flaps.

Step 5: Pratice+Patience=Skillz

For this to work you need Patience. also you must hold it with the side (indicated in the picture) facing up. To throw you have to flick your wrist and slightly extend your arm.

This is the end of the tutorial. Thanks for checking it out.
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