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Introduction: Workshop Air Filter

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Needing some kind of dust control for the workshop I put together a basic air filter using a cheap fan and a couple of air filters.

Step 1: The Fan

The fan came from a cheap Argos pedestal fan. The fan blade sits quite some distance away from the motor body so I shortened the length of the shaft by moving the rotor down and trimming off the excess shaft.

This means that the overall depth of the unit can be a lot less.

The fan was then mounted onto two pieces of wood, this was done using the original mounting points that attached the motor body to its plastic housing.

The original fan controls were retained so they could be mounted into the case.

Step 2: The Enclosure

The enclosure is a simple frame made from thin plywood, the corners are reinforced with some wooden blocks and everything is glued together.

The buttons from the fan are mounted in the side of the case so it can be easily operated.

The original fan grill was attached over a hole in the front, this was done by drilling holes in the metal frame and attaching it with some wood screws.

Step 3: The Air Filters

For the air filter I am using a commercial unit for a JET air filter. The design is setup to accomodate one or two filters depending on what's needed. If only one filter is in place some wooden spacers fit in the sides.

Step 4: The Finished Unit

The finished air filter works well and don't cost much or take much time to build. It still needs to be mounted but should be a cost effective solution for reducing dust in the workshop.

For more details check out the build video, the blog post or the inspiration behind it.



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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    or.... get a 20 inch box fan, and bungee strap an air filter to the back.
    works great either way.

    2 replies

    Indeed, unfortunitly box fans don't seem to be a thing in the UK or at least no where near as common as other types.

    oh.... I didn't know that.
    Here in the US, the 20 inch box fan is very popular.


    2 years ago

    I am basically doing the same thing but with a squirrel cage fan taken from an older central air conditioning system. it is three speeds and wired 220VAC (as I also have in my shop). And I as well am using air conditioning filters to help keep the shop air filtered. My only issue with your video is, how can you have all those power tools and not a table saw? Most of the time, a table saw is the first power tool woodworkers buy. Just wondering. Nice project though. Thumb up!

    1 reply

    I have a homemade table saw in the middle, that's what I am working on!

    It works really well with a sled but I never got the fence quite right so I tend to cut sheets in other ways.


    2 years ago

    How many people are stealing Mathias Wandsel's designs... if you like the guys work, credit him

    1 reply

    I have, both on the video and the blog post.
    Apparently I didn't include the reference here.