Workshop Key Holder





Introduction: Workshop Key Holder

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Power tools.
2. Wrenches.
3. Welder depending on what type of metal you use.
4. Eye protection.
5. A type of metal or wood.
6. Your choice of paint or clear coat.
7. Vice.
8. Grinder

Step 2: Starting the Project

1. Gather up the number of wrenches you want to cut.
2. Get your choice of wood or metal you choose to use.

Step 3: Cutting the Metal

Metal: 1. You will need a saw or a cutting wheel to cut the metal to your designated length.

Step 4: Cutting the Wrenches

1. When cutting the wrenches measure out the length that you would want with a sharpie or some type of marker.

2. Put the wrench in the vice

3. Make the cut.

Step 5: Grinding the Wrenches Smooth

1. If you have a grinder or a file you need to grind down the edge of the wrench where you just cut it.

2. When the price that you cut is smooth move on to the next wrench.

Step 6: Welding

1. Get the piece of metal that you will mount the wrenches on.

2. Weld the wrenches onto the metal.

Step 7: Spay Painting or Clear Coating

1. Get your choice of paint or clear coat and spray it on the metal piece.

Step 8: Mounting Led Strips

1. Get your choice of led or lights

2. Mount the led and power them on

Step 9: Video



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I would use the other end for coat pegs and make a set

    Very cool just grind the chrome vanadium from the wrenches in the welding area before welding some harmful smokes can from from that keep it safe,

    Awesome and Unique! I think you should donate it to your STEM class!

    craftsman wrenches? wow. u hacked up some nice tools. I cringed a little

    looks pretty good young man. just dont forget your safety equipment!

    This is super awesome but I don't know if I could cut good wrenches... It looks really cool

    This is so awesome! Now I know what to do with my old wrenches!