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Introduction: Workshop Servant

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I bought in an auction 8 block office drawers for 70 euros to serve as storage cabinets in my workshop.

The stationery drawer is too large and a drawer block occupies too much space for the available storage space.

I then decided to turn two cabinets into something like a workshop servant.

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Step 1: Elimination of Large Drawers

Step 2: Recovering the Rails of a Cabinet

A large drawer occupies exactly the place of two middle drawers.

So I replaced it with two medium drawers recovered in two other cabinets

Step 3: To Stack Two Cabinets

To stack two cabinets, remove the wheels from one of them.

Drill 4 holes in the lower block to insert the axles of the castors.

Step 4: Stacking the Two Cabinets

Put rails and drawers in place

Step 5: And Here Is an Optimized Storage Space

To adapt according to your tastes and your needs

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