Workshop Shelving

Introduction: Workshop Shelving

this is my workshop shelving it is made up of old crates and timber boxes. it may look cluttered but it is very affective as everything has its own place and is right in front of you when you are working. this shelving was built by my great grandfather out of old dynamite crates in has been past down and I have modified it to suit my needs. these shelfs are also very cheap to make being made of only free materials a couple of don't need any special tools or skills to make these crates just a hammer, some nails or screws and some old timber boxes or crates.

Step 1: Get All Your Tools Out

first step to making workshop shelving like this is working out what you want to store so get the tools you want to store and work out ways to store them like screwdrivers just have an off cut of timber with holes screwed into them.

Step 2: Start Nailing

work what you will store in each crate then nail all your crates together. try to put similar items near each other.

over time you can move the crates around to what suits you best

Step 3: Different Ideas

in my system I have made draws for screws bolts and hardware and slots for saws and spanners. This set of shelves has been past down through the family and is extremely easy to modify. it can be expanded, made smaller and change to hold different things. you can either make your own box out of timber or you can often find different boxes and containers and recycle them in to use full storage.

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    I seriously need to do something like this for my garage so that I can get everything off the floor.