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Introduction: Workshop Sign

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I made this workshop sign to stick my woodworking sticker collection on,I was inspired to make it after watching Jimmy DiRestas YouTube videos.

I made a video of the project please thumbs up and subscribe!

You need

1\4 sheet of mdf

2 x 40" long 3"x1" poplar

2 x 23" long 3"x1" poplar

Rebate router bit

Kreg jig R3 (if you want to use pocket holes for your frame)

Grey and white spray primer

Blue and Black spray paint

Panel pins to hold mdf in frame

Paper glue stick

Super glue

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Step 1: Get Letters Ready to Cut

  • I used Microsoft Word to select a type face and print out the name of my workshop to use as a template for cutting the letters.
  • Use children's paper glue to stick the template to your Mdf
  • I use this glue as it is really easy to peel the template off after I cut the letters out
  • Drill holes in any of the letters that need to have the center of the letter cut out like the G in the pictures above.

Step 2: Use a Scroll Saw to Cut Out the Letters

  • I used my scroll saw to carefully cut out the letters
  • Peel the paper template from the letters,It should come off easily
  • Sand all the letters to remove any rough edges

Step 3: Prime & Paint the Letters and Backboard

  • I used grey primer to prepare the letters for the black top coat
  • follow the instructions on your can and allow appropriate drying time between coats.
  • I primed and sprayed the 6mm mdf backboard the letters will stick to white

Step 4: Make the Frame

  • You will need to cut your the poplar wood in 2x 40" 2x 23" lengths
  • I then clamped the pieces together and used my kreg jig to make the pocket holes
  • I screwed and glued the butt joints together
  • Nest i used my router to create a rebate the mdf backboard will fit into

Step 5: Paint the Frame

  • I primed the frame and when dry applied a blue top coat
  • I used 3 coats to get a nice finish on the frame

Step 6: Stick Letters to Backboard

  • I used a square to align the letters along the center of the backboard
  • I decided to use super glue to stick the letters on
  • You need to work quickly and carefully with the superglue as it drys fast and will bubble the paint if you spill any by mistake.

Step 7: Insert the Finished Sign Into the Frame

  • I used a jig saw to round over the mdf edges to fit in the rebated frame
  • I used small panel pins to keep the sign inside the rebate
  • Make sure you have something soft under the front of the sign at this stage so it does not get damaged when working on the rear of the frame

Step 8: Finished!!

I really enjoyed this project!Please watch the YouTube video I made of the build, thumbs up and subscribe if you like it!

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