Workshop Adjustable Support With Expansion Pack, Made From Junk.




I made this simple support, you know for those long pieces of wood or metal stock. My workbench is really small and I often have trouble handling all the things I want to do. Looking at my pile of scrap pieces I just winged this together in my mind. Kind of improvised it as I went along. Worked out pretty good, especially with the long support beam to handle sheets of all kinds.

It's not the prettiest build but considering it was made from junk, welded together with my home-made arc-welder it's not that bad. And it's really helpful.

I didn't document the process but it's fairly simple. The pics will give you the idea. Attached a bit of rubber hose to protect the threads when not in use.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! This is the essence of engineering: using what you have to make what you want/need.

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