Workshop Custom Wall Shelves

Introduction: Workshop Custom Wall Shelves

When getting some serious work done in your workshop, one thing that can be annoying is when you don't have all your tools around your work area. 

Many makers like having a pegboard but for myself the facing wall is about 12 inches away from the edge of my workbench. Also, I have a lot of larger tools that I couldn't fit on a regular pegboard. My solution : 3 custom shelves attached on my wall. This Instructable will guide you in making them and having too a nice access to your larger tools in your workshop.

You can see my Workbench and companion worktable in the picture on my profile.

Happy making.

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

In this project, I used some left over 2x4 and 3/4" plywood that I had to complete this project. 

I made the shelves only 48" long as I wanted to minimize the bending of the plywood. You can also see the two support 2x4 in the back to distribute the load on all three shelves. 

Custom wall shelves dimensions :  48" (L) - 15" (D) - 31" (H)

2x4 length
6 x 12" 
1 x 12.5" (lower mid support)
1 x 12.75" (higher mid support)
2 x 30.25 "

* The two mid support aren't shown in the picture as they were added in the assembly, hurray for improv !

3/4" plywood
1 x 48" x 15" (top shelf)
2 x 46.5" x 12" (mid and bottom shelves)
2 x 15" x 30.25" (side panel)

Step 2: Fix the Shelves Support

Assemble the 6 - 12" shelves support on your frame. Make sure to leave room for the side panel (in this case 3/4" thick). 

Take your plywood shelves and place them on the frame. Pre-drill holes where you want to screw your plywood on the frame and countersink for the best finish. Start from the bottom up so you won't fight with your drill for space !

Measure between each shelf and add your mid support. Adjust dimensions if required. You can see that they aren't in line simply because you need to place the screws in ! 

At this point, you want to fix your shelves on the wall. 

Step 3: Finish Your Shelves

Once you have fixed your shelves on you wall, you can place your side panel (not shown in the picture) and voilà, you have your own custom wall shelves for your tools !


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