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Introduction: Workshop Portable Work Station

This is a little workstation table I made in my garage to save some space. One side has a mitre saw, another side has a kreg pocket hole jig, and the third side has a router table, all of which fold down and allow me to push this table under the counter top at the side of my garage.

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Step 1:

The pocket hole jig is hinged under the table. When it is lifted up, I have a hinge on either side which I open under the board to hold it up. I hook up an air compressor to the pocket hole jig which activates a cylinder to clamp the wood to the pocket hole jig. I have a special electrical box where a corded drill and a vacuum are plugged into. When I press the trigger of the drill, it activates the air clamp to clamp the piece of wood and turns the vacuum on to suck away the wood chips. When the trigger is released, the clamp lets go of the wood and turns the vacuum off.

Step 2: Mitre Saw

The mitre saw is screwed to a board which is hinged to the side of the workstation. when lifted up, you pull out the bottom hinged piece of wood to support the saw. When the mitre saw is up, it lies level to the main work table to allow cuts of longer pieces.

Step 3: Router Table

The router table attachment is basically the same as the mitre saw attachment, where it is hinged to the back of the table and when lifted up, another hinged board is pulled out to support the router table.

Step 4:

All the tools are plugged into a power bar inside the table so there is only 1 main cord to plug in to power the whole table. When you're done, you just fold everything down and push the table off to the side. The main table top is 2' x 4' and 34" high. You can replace any of these tools with a different one of your choice. The location of each hinged board is going to change based on what kind of tools you plan on putting on the workstation.


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